Custom Crafted Jewelry

Looking for a one of a kind piece of jewelry? Have an idea to create a combination of several pieces of jewelry? D.C. Creasman Jewelers specializes in crafting jewelry for individuals who want that ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace that no one else has custom designed to your specifications and desires.

Do you have gold, diamonds, colored stones, rings, earrings or necklaces you don’t wear anymore? A piece of jewelry handed down thru the family or friends that does not fit your lifestyle but has sentimental value? D.C. Creasman Jewelers can use your gold and/or stones to create something you’ll cherish! Don’t let those broken chains or single earrings sit in your jewelry box. Save money and utilize what you already have for that beautiful piece of jewelry to give you that “OH MY GOSH” moment!

Getting Married?

You have an engagement ring. Where do you go to get the perfect fitting band to match? Or you have your mothers or grandmother’s engagement ring to give your future bride, but no band? No problem! D.C. Creasman Jewelers can create that special band guaranteed to match perfectly even if you bought the engagement ring from another store!

David can make a mold of your engagement ring and carve out the perfect fitting band! We will draw out a spec on graft paper with the smallest details. And once approved by you, the casting process begins. Most custom bands with stones can be finished in about a week. And if you have your own gold/stones/diamonds, he can use those and save you even more money! In some cases, he can order the perfectly matched band.